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Overview of Renewable Feasibility Studies

Low and zero carbon technology

Are you considering the benefits of self energy generation? Want to go off grid or just want energy independence? There are many options available including grants, incentives and procedures, but where to start?

Where to start?

A wide range of technologies available on a site-wide system bring various advantages, one being the larger plant can usually operate at a more constant rate which increases the energy efficiency.

The renewable energy technologies that LEC are experienced with include the following:

• Solar hot water systems
• Photovoltaic cells
• Ground source heat pumps
• Biomass heaters
• Biomass community heating
• Combined Heat Power plants (CHP)
• Biomass CHP
• Wind Turbines
• Hydropower

Our Low Carbon Consultants are qualified to undertake Low and Zero carbon feasibility reports to determine which renewable technologies are most cost effective for the intended application. 

LEC can provide detailed appraisal of a building or buildings (new or existing) and look at the impact that different technologies have in terms of payback and carbon savings for a particular project. The key is the balance of the capital investment and revenue return of investment. 

For all Renewable Feasibilty Study enquiries, please contact us.

Renewable Feasibility Studies

Archers Academy external
Archers Academy
East Finchley, London

New Academy gets 'A' rating.

Barton Park, Oxfordshire
Barton Park

New residential development for 237 dwellings within a 36 hectare plot accessed from the A40 in Oxfordshire.

Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire
Infrastructure, Airports and Rail
Castle Ashby

Heat network feasibility study.

Don Valley Secondary School Doncaster
Don Valley Secondary School

£17 million super school saving energy

East Hill, Wandsworth, London
East Hill
Wandsworth, London

Bespoke residential development on busy high street.

Harrier Way, Petersfield
Harrier Way, Petersfield
Moving target, hit head on with Pacalis

Full planning assistance for this 70 dwelling housing scheme was successfully granted but not without some moving of the energy goal posts.

Highbury Square, Arsenal, London
Refurbishment and Fitout
Highbury Square

Refurbishment of former Arsenal football ground into residential blocks.

Premier Inn, Cambridge
Premier Inn, Cambridge
Newmarket Road, Cambridge

A good night’s sleep guaranteed in Cambridge

Premier Inn Ipswich
Premier Inn, Ipswich

Super comfy Key Street!

Premier Inn Winchester
Premier Inn, Winchester

101-bed hotel in Winchester

Premier Inn Woking
Premier Inn, Woking

Waking up in Woking - 10-storey-110-bed hotel

Roman Place, Bow, London
Roman Place
Bow, London

206 No. residential and commercial new build.