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Overview of Consultancy Services

Where construction projects are required to fulfil corporate, legislative and planning requirements from an environmental perspective, our sustainable development service provides support to get the project right from the start – low cost, low carbon, low energy.

For construction projects, sustainable development is about anticipating and meeting the emerging expectations of the market (investors and occupiers) and balancing them with the interests of other stakeholders, such as planners, regulatory authorities and the local community. Usually this is seen as achieving an equitable balance between environmental, social and economic needs.

Our services include:

• Planning support
• Energy strategy
• Master planning and detailed design support
• Low and zero carbon technology feasibility
• Infrastructure feasibility and design
• Heat mapping
• Sustainability implementation plan development
• Part L analysis
• Emission compliance
• Project funding options (Carbon Trust)

We deliver leading edge solutions supported by some of the best mechanical, electrical and public health engineers in the industry.

By integrating building services that deliver comfortable, practical and well-maintained environments of the design stage the cost of ongoing maintenance can be minimised and the value of the building, as a key asset, can be preserved.

Whether the building is new or existing, in the commercial, education or the financial services sector, a continuity of approach is maintained to allow best value.

For all Consultancy Services, please contact us.

Consultancy Services

Norton House, London external view
Refurbishment and Fitout
Norton House

Refurbishment of local authorities residential properties, surveys, improvement recommendation and final certification.

Botnar Centre
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

NHS Trust with multiple sites on the estate, requiring annual certification, ongoing CAD records and energy inspections.

Park Royal
This London Plan project goes to Plan

This easy commutable development was assisted through planning with our creation of energy and sustainability statements and subsequent overheating

Peterborough Hospital
Peterborough Hospital

Conversion of two single patient rooms to accommodate three beds across various wards within the hospital.

Premier Inn, Cambridge
Premier Inn, Cambridge
Newmarket Road, Cambridge

A good night’s sleep guaranteed in Cambridge

Premier Inn Ipswich
Premier Inn, Ipswich

Super comfy Key Street!

Premier Inn Winchester
Premier Inn, Winchester

101-bed hotel in Winchester

Premier Inn Woking
Premier Inn, Woking

Waking up in Woking - 10-storey-110-bed hotel

Roman Place, Bow, London
Roman Place
Bow, London

206 No. residential and commercial new build.

Royal College of Music, London
Student Accommodation
Royal College of Music

330 No. bed student accommodation, practice rooms and common rooms.

Soapworks, Salford, Manchester
Refurbishment and Fitout
Soapworks, Salford

Regeneration of iconic Soapworks building in Salford developed into high end speculative office space.

Southlands, Worthing & Chichester Hospitals exterior
Southlands, Worthing & Chichester Hospitals
West Sussex

Energy consciousness at West Sussex Hospital Trust