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Overview of BREEAM Assessments

BREEAM Assessments or Support

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) sets the standards for best practise in sustainable design and specification for non-domestic buildings. Planning authorities now require buildings to meet BREEAM requirements. 

Help, this BREEAM stuff is confusing!

BREEAM now applies to all types of projects, new build, refurbishment, fit-out, in use etc.

Our in-house team can help clear the fog and overview the scheme from RIBA Stages 1-7 if need be. We have the benefit of an Accredited Professional (AP) assessor which raises further credit attainment.

You may already have a project BREEAM assessor appointed but as the Main Contractor you are facing endless lists of actions on the BREEAM tracker. Fret no more, an LEC assessor can act as BREEAM support just for your actions - after all we know BREEAM and know what and how to present evidence correctly to avoid the information 'ping-pong' that can happen.

For all BREEAM enquiries, please contact us.



BREEAM Assessments

Barton Park, Oxfordshire
Barton Park

New residential development for 237 dwellings within a 36 hectare plot accessed from the A40 in Oxfordshire.

Birmingham City University BCU 2A
Birmingham City University BCU 2A
BREEAM Excellent maintained

A six-storey extension to the Birmingham City University campus at Eastside.The extension to the existing £63 million Curzon Building includes teac

Cambourne Village College, Cambridgeshire front entrance
Cambourne Village College
Cambourne, Cambridgeshire

New community village school built for Cambridge Council.

Harrier Way, Petersfield
Harrier Way, Petersfield
Moving target, hit head on with Pacalis

Full planning assistance for this 70 dwelling housing scheme was successfully granted but not without some moving of the energy goal posts.

Park Royal
This London Plan project goes to Plan

This easy commutable development was assisted through planning with our creation of energy and sustainability statements and subsequent overheating

Premier Inn, Cambridge
Premier Inn, Cambridge
Newmarket Road, Cambridge

A good night’s sleep guaranteed in Cambridge

Premier Inn Ipswich
Premier Inn, Ipswich

Super comfy Key Street!

Premier Inn Winchester
Premier Inn, Winchester

101-bed hotel in Winchester

Premier Inn Woking
Premier Inn, Woking

Waking up in Woking - 10-storey-110-bed hotel