PM announces plans to halve energy usage of new builds by 2030 | Low Energy Consultancy

PM announces plans to halve energy usage of new builds by 2030

Theresa May has unveiled plans to halve the energy usage of new buildings by 2030.

She has challenged the construction industry to embrace innovation and deliver higher standards to meet the new 2030 target.

“We will use new technologies and modern construction practices to at least halve the energy usage of new buildings by 2030. By making our buildings more energy efficient and embracing smart technologies, we can slash household energy bills, reduce demand for energy, and meet our targets for carbon reduction.”

Low Energy Consultancy provide energy and sustainability services to the property and construction sectors, advising on compliance with legislation, lowering CO₂ emissions, meeting planning commitments and reducing energy costs, and is able to assist you in reaching these targets.

The team at LEC continually expand their knowledge of legislation changes, the latest energy reduction technologies on the market and sustainability innovation that way they are best placed to offer their clients the most relevant advice and support to assist in achieving the government aspirations and also their own.  

LEC are currently working with a number of large, nationally recognised, housing developers and are at present assisting with some complex planning requirements including the London Plan. In addition to their planning service they also support design teams with specification choices relating to materials used in the builds ensuring the U values meet building regulations but also optimising the reduction of energy & carbon output. 

The in-house use of IES software enables LEC to expose the building types to 365 days of weather variance – this, coupled with the ability to assess various options of building orientation to determine the requirements for cooling & heating equipment allowing their clients to make decisions based on this analysis.