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Planning Stage - Energy & Sustainability Statements

An energy or sustainability statement is a report document that confirms a development will meet and how it will meet any regional set energy targets or sustainability policies.  The document is used to support planning applications as evidence and to aid a successful approval.  The documents are now more commonly a mandatory requirement rather than an optional requirement.

Local Boroughs have their own energy policy statements and energy targets; they do vary and are not the same and are relevant to both new and refurbishment developments.  Generally the targets depict an energy performance target as a percentage over and above building regulations to be achieved.  For example The London Plan currently requires a 35% reduction on CO2 emissions over and above 2013 building regulations. 

Typically an Energy statement will review the following items:

1.       Energy efficiency of the building

2.       Baseline annual predicted CO2 emissions & energy demand

3.       Any improvements to fabric efficiency beyond building regulations

4.       Demonstration of how the building will meet the required CO2 reductions with renewable technology

5.       Estimated reduction of energy usage and CO2 emissions

Typically a sustainability statement will review the following items:

1.       Energy efficiency of the building

2.       Water

3.       Flood & drainage risks

4.       Waste

5.       Materials & construction

6.       Community Impacts

7.       Transport

8.       Health & Wellbeing

9.       Materials

10.   Pollution

11.   Ecology

12.   Management of the site

SAP or SBEM Assessments are utilised to determine CO2 emissions depending on the type of build.  The statement will also need to highlight that a feasibility study has taken place regarding renewable energy solutions; this can range from ground or air source heat pumps, connection to district heating systems and Solar PV panels. 

The key to ensuring a detailed and well thought approach to the energy of the new development is ensuring that an energy/sustainability consultant is appointed at an early stage.  This allows for a thorough and detailed review of requirements, development detail and design proposals, it also allows for conversations to be had with the Local Authority if required.