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Penalties imposed by Environment Agency for ESOS non-compliance

As the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Phase 2 deadline approaches the Environmental Agency have named and shamed the companies who have been fined due to non-compliance. Fines shown on the report range from £1,500 to £45,000 and could have been easily avoided if sufficient planning and advice was sought from a Lead ESOS Assessor prior to the Phase 1 deadline.

Not all organisations were included in the first phase of ESOS, this is because they did not meet the threshold criteria in either turnover or the number of employees. As ESOS phase 2 looks at a two-year period of accounting, due to real and anticipated growth, many organisations will fall into Phase 2.

The fines are designed to increase for each day of non-compliance and can reach:

  • £45,000 for businesses that do not respond to enforcement notices
  • £45,000 for failure to notify the Environment Agency
  • £90,000 for failure to undertake an energy audit
  • £5,000 for failure to maintain records
  • £50,000 for false or misleading statements

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