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Energy Saving Tip - Keep your cool

This week’s energy saving tips will not only help to keep you cool at home and in the office, but will also help you to make savings on your energy bill.

  • Before you leave your house in the morning, leave your curtains closed. Keeping rooms in the dark during the day will help to keep them cool.
  • In the office, fitting protective films on your windows will filter UV rays and reduce the effect of the sun but still allows the light to get in.
  • If your office is air conditioned, keep your windows closed during the day to feel the full effects of the cool air.
  • Be sure to switch off unnecessary heat sources such as chargers, computers not in use, and any other electrical appliances as they all emit heat.
  • If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to switch to LED bulbs as they emit a fraction of the heat compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs.