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Energy Saving Tip – Alternatives to Air-Conditioning

There are several alternatives to traditional air conditioning units which can be viable options for your business.

  1. Evaporative climate control systems are 80% cheaper to run than air conditioning units and could cost half the price to install. They work by passing the warm air from outside through a progression of wetted filters which cool the air by means of dissipation before passing the air into the space to be cooled.
  2. Reverse cycle units. As well as having the capacity to cool during the summer months, invert cycle cooling units can warm a premises through the winter months. They do this by separating heat from the outside air and passing it through a condenser.
  3. Ceiling fans can be exceptionally savvy. Roof fans keep running at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning (2-3 pence for each hour). Sometimes a fan is not sufficient, but you can save energy by running it and the air conditioning unit at the same time, raising the thermostat by 10 degrees.  The room will stay cool and you will use less power running your air conditioning.

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