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Countdown to ESOS Phase 2 deadline – 331 days to go

The deadline for Phase 1 of the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme has passed, but now is the time to think about Phase 2.

Not all organisations were in Phase 1 of ESOS. This is because they did not meet the threshold criteria in either turnover or the number of employees. As ESOS looks at a two-year period of accounting, due to real and anticipated growth, many organisations will fall into Phase 2.

Qualifying businesses must carry out an audit of 90% of total energy usage for a one-year period. The company must also identify efficiency opportunities; evaluate these through lifecycle costs, store the data and inform their regulator.

Deadline day is 5 December 2019. There’s only 331 days to go until the next assessment report is required!

Acting now and implementing some of the recommendations made in your Phase 1 assessment will facilitate a marked improvement as well as help you to realise some of the potential savings identified.

Time spent now with an Energy ESOS consultant, to review and prioritise the possible actions from your first ESOS report, will help to fulfill the second year obligations and demonstrate progress.

Next steps

Contact the team at Low Energy Consultancy to either:

·         read and interpret the recommendations

·         help tender the works

·         project manage the works

·         evaluate alternative options

·         begin the assessment if improvements have been implemented

·         begin the assessment if not done previously

·         financially plan the projects

·         carbon footprint calculations

Our Team is here to assist you and make the whole process of ESOS reporting as easy and cost-effective as possible. Contact 0845 129 1188 or