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Overview of Planning support

LEC are fully conversant with the complicated details of planning, in particular specialising in the elements surrounding Sustainability and Energy.  The team is very experienced with the early imergence of the Merton rule and London Plan.  These have been the base point for all local planning authorities Local Development Frameworks (LDFs) and Sustainable Development Plans (SDPs) which has filtered out arcoss the UK. 

As the importance of energy reduction increases there is less scope to comfortably meet compliance without some additional intelligence support from a sustainability and or energy consultant.  The regulations are changing, Part L is due an update, we have seen the disappearance of Code and renewable targets are shifting.  Some authorities look for contributions to lower carbon emissions or reduction of energy from renewables, where others look back to Code Level 4 still.

This can be very confusing and without early intervention can be costly to retrospectively comply.  

Our clients value the addition of LEC at the initial planning stages to help with BREEAM, Part L, Renewable options, Overheating and Energy Statements

Working together with the design team ensures greater flexibility in the long run and also smooths out that initial planning hurdle.

Planning support

Barton Park, Oxfordshire
Barton Park

New residential development for 237 dwellings within a 36 hectare plot accessed from the A40 in Oxfordshire.

East Hill, Wandsworth, London
East Hill
Wandsworth, London

Bespoke residential development on busy high street.

Harrier Way, Petersfield
Harrier Way, Petersfield
Moving target, hit head on with Pacalis

Full planning assistance for this 70 dwelling housing scheme was successfully granted but not without some moving of the energy goal posts.

Lidl UK
Lidl UK
Various sites

Large retail property division concentrating on new stores in and around the South of England.

Park Royal
This London Plan project goes to Plan

This easy commutable development was assisted through planning with our creation of energy and sustainability statements and subsequent overheating

Royal College of Music, London
Student Accommodation
Royal College of Music

330 No. bed student accommodation, practice rooms and common rooms.