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Overview of Part L Compliance

Building Regulations apply to all buildings new or refurbished. Approved document Part L (England & Wales) and Section 6 (Scotland) states a minimum energy performance. The energy calculations must be performed by Accredited Energy Assessors using approved software that complies with the National Calculation method as set by the BRE. Our Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) offer an informed service to the design team from initial concept to technical design. LEC ensure the most cost effective options are adopted making certain of the best overall performance and energy rating.

Our assessors are accredited to use the latest BRE iSBEM and DSM software that allows quick assessment, advise on design decisions and production of the required compliance reports and EPCs. This software enables fast assessment of design decisions based on sketches, the ability to make adjustment to suit changes in the design process, and analyze technology impacts. Should the model not reach the compliance level our Energy Assessors would be able to provide advice on measures which could be undertaken to improve the performance.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are required whenever a property is constructed, sold or rented. This would apply to both domestic and commercial sectors. It is the duty of the organisation responsible for construction to obtain the EPC for the building or dwelling, provide it to the new owner and notify the local authority building control officers or approved inspectors once this has been done. Building Control will issue a final completion certificate when satisfied that the EPC has been properly produced and provided to the relevant party. Should any modifications to a building create greater or fewer parts, or where there has been any fabric or building services alterations then a new EPC would be required. Building owners are responsible for ensuring that an EPC is made available if they are to sell or rent a property. The EPC must be in place for prospective purchasers and tenants before marketing the building. All EPCs will be registered in accordance with correct procedures and held at the central register operated by Landmark.

Part L Compliance

Hemsptead, Persimmon Homes, Peterborough

Expertly designed new homes.

Leicester Grammar School
Leicester Grammar School
Great Glen, Leicestershire

Extension works to high performing school.

New Horizon, Basingstoke
New Horizon
Freemantle, Basingstoke

190 modern construction dwellings.

Premier Inn, Cambridge
Premier Inn, Cambridge
Newmarket Road, Cambridge

A good night’s sleep guaranteed in Cambridge

Premier Inn Ipswich
Premier Inn, Ipswich

Super comfy Key Street!

Premier Inn Winchester
Premier Inn, Winchester

101-bed hotel in Winchester

Premier Inn Woking
Premier Inn, Woking

Waking up in Woking - 10-storey-110-bed hotel

Soapworks, Salford, Manchester
Refurbishment and Fitout
Soapworks, Salford

Regeneration of iconic Soapworks building in Salford developed into high end speculative office space.

University of Cambridge Primary School
University of Cambridge Primary School

Part of the North West Cambridge development.