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Overview of DECS (Display Energy Certificates)

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) have been in existence since 2008. It is mandatory for all publicly funded buildings with a floor area greater than 250m2 to display a valid certificate.

A DEC shows a building's Operation Rating, which is calculated by determining the annual consumption of a building compared to a benchmark building of similar size and use.

DECs are a visual incentive to encourage occupiers to reduce their energy consumption year on year. To help achieve this, each certificate is accompanied by an Advisory Report, which provides cost effective and relevant energy saving opportunities.

At LEC all of our surveyors are accredited to conduct and lodge your DECs.  Due to the requirement these are predominately public buildings - all of our surveyors are fully DBS checked and insured.

In addition to the standard requirements, LEC carefully handle your utility data with complete discretion and we schedule in renewal reminders to ensure you are not faced with a display gap or fine.

DECs are a very good starting point for energy audits and re-evaluation or utility statement validation. If you have issues on any of these please contact us, as we can help.

DECS (Display Energy Certificates)

East Hill, Wandsworth, London
East Hill
Wandsworth, London

Bespoke residential development on busy high street.

Botnar Centre
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

NHS Trust with multiple sites on the estate, requiring annual certification, ongoing CAD records and energy inspections.

Peterborough Hospital
Peterborough Hospital

Conversion of two single patient rooms to accommodate three beds across various wards within the hospital.