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20th October 2017
Dan Martins wins Bronze medal at WorldSkills Final 2017

Congratulations to Briggs & Forrester apprentice Dan Martins who won a Bronze medal in Plumbing and Heating at the WorldSkills final in Abu Dhabi last night.

Dan said: “I’m over the moon I never expected to get a medal, it’s more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for all the support from the start, I’ve had so many people come out to Abu Dhabi and support me, I can’t thank them enough”.

18th October 2017
Dan and his family celebrating his success at WorldSkills 2017

A massive congratulations to Briggs and Forrester Plumbing Apprentice Daniel Martins, who has just completed his heating and plumbing piece at the WorldSkills 2017 competition in Abu Dhabi.

At 1pm GST, Dan’s WorldSkills competition drew to a close after four days of hard work.

Dan said: “I’m really pleased with my overall performance, it’s been a really tough four days I’m absolutely shattered now! I’m pleased that it’s finished and I’m happy with my work.”

There will be a closing ceremony tomorrow night, where the winners in each category will be announced.

18th October 2017

Unplug the appliances that you’re not using regularly to save energy - you could save up to 10% on your annual energy bill!

17th October 2017
Johanna Dorey Berkeley Group Apprentice of the Year 2017

Briggs and Forrester’s Johanna Dorey overcame an exceptional field to be crowned Best Plumber Apprentice at the 2017 Berkeley Group Apprentice Awards.

11th October 2017
Briggs and Forrester Construction Enquirer Awards 2017 Winners

The Briggs & Forrester Group won 'Best Specialist Contractor to work for (over £25m)' at last night’s Construction Enquirer Awards 2017 in Birmingham.

Over 10,000 votes were cast, and the companies with the most votes in each category were presented with an award. This award recognises Briggs & Forrester as one of the industry’s best companies to work for and the best firms to do business with. A big thank you to everyone who voted!

4th October 2017

Get a LCD or LED TV, they are more efficient than plasmas and way more efficient than old CRTs.

27th September 2017

Carpooling saves fuel - find people at work who live close to you and take it in turns driving to work, someone to chat to on the way and you halve your fuel bill.

20th September 2017

If you store things in your loft, make sure it doesn't compress the insulation since it will lose some of its thermal insulating properties. Use loft lifters to raise the height of the joists -this allows you to make a solid storage platform in the loft while still allowing you to install the 300mm of insulation to maximise the energy savings.

15th September 2017

Norway is planning to launch the world’s first fully electric cargo ship in 2018, with further plans to run the ship autonomously by 2020.  Yara Birkeland, as the ship will be called, is a collaboration between fertiliser company Yara International, and international technology group Kongsberg, and will be used to transport products between three ports in southern Norway.  Products are currently delivered using over 100 diesel trucks per day.  Transporting products by sea will reduce both noise levels and emission levels caused by

12th September 2017

Low Energy Consultancy BREEAM assessors are working feverishly this month on the evidence collection for One Blackfriars new hotel complex in time for the 2018 project completion. Fit out works of the hotel are underway while the overall St George scheme closes out.