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LEC Updates

3rd April 2017
New buildings at Holy Family Catholic School, Walthamstow

Low Energy Consultancy (LEC) has been working with the project architect at Holy Family Catholic School in Walthamstow. The school is providing new classroom facilities and resource buildings.

29th March 2017
Marshall Motor Group energy saving review

We are currently carrying out an overall review of building stock for the Marshall Motor Group.

All E, F & G rated properties are now being assessed for any energy saving improvements to enable car dealership Group the Marshall Motor Group to upgrade and improve their energy ratings.

This analysis will be used to create a cost plan for 2018 ESOS compliance.

28th March 2017
Top tips for energy efficient appliances

Get the best from your fridge-freezer and save on energy. These seven tips work for home and office appliances.

28th March 2017
Northants Cricket Club sponsorship

The Briggs and Forrester Group is proud to continue its sponsorship of Northants County Cricket Club this 2017 season. We’ve been associated with the club for over 20 years. We wish all the players and support staff every good wish for the new season. Let’s hope the Steelbacks can triumph in the T20 Blast competition again this year!

The fixtures for this season are available here

21st March 2017
VRF System diagram

Are you using portable electric heaters? This form of space heating is inefficient at warming a room, costing you energy and money.

Consider the benefits of a centralised Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, where both heating and cooling can be delivered using refrigerant as the medium.

These systems are very efficient, costing at a minimum a third of the running costs of an electric space heater.

15th March 2017
Use timers on lighting to save energy

Outdoor lighting is an excellent way of highlighting your business or home after dark. It can provide both security and atmosphere depending on your needs. However to save energy do you need to have your lighting on all night? Timers can provide the answer. It’s important to ensure your timer is correct and if it doesn’t automatically update to take account of daylight saving then you need to be ready for when the clocks change!  

14th March 2017
Review of Budget from LEC

After Hammond was hard on energy in this week's budget do you have any left? Here's any related content at a glance:

  • Air quality - no new measures to tackle air pollution, despite the Supreme Court's ruling to come up with a new strategy.
  • Diesel Scrappage Scheme - many wanted this, particularly in the light of car tax hikes coming on 1 April.
  • Disruptive Vehicle Technology - £270M extra funding likely to be focused on autonomous cars.


10th March 2017
Greener Path Award logo

The Briggs and Forrester Group has been awarded the Greener Path Award for ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ from ACM Environmental PLC for the second year running.

ACM Environmental PLC is a recycling-led waste management company who helps their clients both to reduce the cost of their waste and harness the profit in it. Their Greener Path Awards celebrate the work businesses are doing to reduce the impact they have on the environment.  Businesses who demonstrate exemplary effort and achievement in minimising waste, boosting recycling and increasing landfill diversion are recognised. 

8th March 2017
Briggs and Forrester Apprenticeship Programme

Curtis Castledine is an Assistant Mechanical Design Engineer and began his career three years ago with Briggs and Forrester via the company’s apprenticeship programme.

“I’d always enjoyed and been interested in maths, physics and design technology. However apprenticeships were not something that was highlighted to me at school; students were encouraged to go to university.  The opportunity to be able to learn a trade whilst earning a living really appealed to me.

7th March 2017
Energy saving - use rugs and carpets for higher R-values

Everyone loves a hardwood or marble floor, but if you don’t have underfloor heating it can feel cold. Carpets or rugs add comfort but they also insulate, in the same way as blinds or curtains insulate windows.

The fibres in the fabric help to trap air. These materials have a greater potential for higher R-values of thermal resistance. The higher the value of R, the better the thermal performance and heat retention.