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LEC Updates

24th May 2017

The energy that is drawn and wasted by simply having things plugged in - is called 'vampire load'.

They are responsible for 10-15% of office energy use.

Using 'NightWatchman' and timed switch off arrangements can save this energy.

23rd May 2017

This month a full overheating analysis has been completed for Maria Fidelis, a new school in London.

Again another excellent example of the capabilities within the LEC team to ensure BREEAM evidence is correctly adhered to.

Are you at final stage of a project? Need additional BREEAM credits - Overheat, Thermographic or VOC?

Then call today on 01604 655295, we can help.

18th May 2017
Special offer for residential scheme

If you are looking for assistance with ensuring compliance for your new residential scheme the team at Low Energy Consultancy can help. Not only do we have excellent knowledge and experience across our team but if your scheme is less than 100 dwellings you can save 50% off costs for SAP and EPC! This is a limited time offer so contact LEC today.

For full details of the special offers view here

17th May 2017

There should be a regular filter changing regime in the office and generally they should be inspected and replaced accordingly every 3 months.

A clean air intake filter means cleaner air is being recycled throughout the office. The system will not have to work as hard pulling in air through a clean filter which means it will last longer.

This can give savings of around 5% on heating and cooling costs.

16th May 2017

This month sees the team busy simulating a 666 bed scheme for Fairview Homes at Victoria Way, London.

As overheat is now the major concern for most residential schemes, the team has expertly recreated the massing to fully understand where overheat will or might occur and help advise the Design Team on how this can be mitigated in readiness for planning approval.

Are you looking at speculative land purchases or development? Not sure of the surrounding planning issues or regulations? These are all things that can influence the purchase and sell price.

3rd May 2017

As part of the intricacies of sustainable building and development the need to check and verify the overall thermal performance of a project is vitally important.

27th April 2017
Thermal modelling at University of Warwick maths building project

Low Energy Consultancy is working with Briggs and Forrester Engineering Services business to provide energy consultancy, thermal modelling and carbon emission compliance for the new maths and sciences building at the University of Warwick.

19th April 2017
Shading reduces energy use at Nottingham BioScience project

As the warmer days of summer are just around the corner (we hope) you can reduce the amount of energy you use to cool rooms by installing and closing blinds or curtains.

If closed early in the morning window dressing can reduce office/home heat intake by 33%. Did you know that space cooling accounts for 9% of our total energy use? By shading your rooms you can potentially cut your overall energy use and bills.

5th April 2017
Supporting Thames reach charity with building energy analysis

Our team has been supporting the Thames Reach Charity as they refurbish their facilities in Clapham. Thames Reach is a charity that helps homeless and vulnerable people to live in decent homes, build supportive relationships and lead fulfilling lives.

The Robertson Street project houses 42 former rough sleepers over the age of 40, and aims to help them over a two-year period by tackling substance misuse issues, and improving their physical and mental health. The aim is to encourage them to prepare for independent living.

5th April 2017
Insulate your hot water cylinder

Have you insulated your hot water cylinder?

You can make more savings than you might think, especially if the cylinder is in a cooler spot on your house or office.  By wrapping or lagging your cylinder you could save 4-9% on costs to heat your water. Insulation is inexpensive and easily available in DIY stores.