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LEC Updates

15th August 2017

Low Energy Consultancy conducted feasibility studies into the risk of overheating for the Bletchley Park Trusts new exhibition with our in-house expert using IES software.


10th August 2017

Replace your lighting with low energy LED lights, they not only use 90% less energy but they also last 10-20 times longer so you will hardly ever have to replace them.

2nd August 2017

Use the thermal energy to heat your building or home. Save 10% on winter heating costs, also remember to close back up at night though!

1st August 2017
Image Credit: Nick Caville BDP

Low Energy Consultancy (LEC) have been on site at One Angel Square, the new head office for Northamptonshire County Council situated in Northampton Town centre.

The building incorporates high efficiency heating and cooling systems, LED lighting and also Photovoltaic Panels to generate electricity.

The LEC team have provided the Building Regulations Part L document and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The final Energy Performance rating is a very respectable B27.

Image Credit: Nick Caville BDP 

28th July 2017

Today is Derek Hine's last day after 19 years with the company. Derek began his career with Briggs & Forrester in November 1998, working with Mike Stanton to establish the IT infrastructure for the group. 

Derek said, “For me this is the end of an era, and I am about to ride off into the sunset on my bike, I am sure you will all join me in wishing Dom Costantino and his team every success in continuing my legacy, and I wish one and all every success in the future.”

Best wishes on your retirement Derek!

27th July 2017
Changes to SAP

In November 2016 the Government detailed its proposed changes to the Standard Assessment Procedure. This is the methodology used to assess and compare the energy and environmental performance of dwellings. Here at LEC we’ve taken a look at the details and highlighted our thoughts on some of the proposals:

1. Updating Carbon Emission Factors – we agree that the change is welcome due to the move towards cleaner production of electricity, through more gas than coal power plants across the UK.

26th July 2017

Pipes, gas lines and electrical cables that enter your property often have gaps around them that have been haphazardly filled with some kind of caulk. But the caulk eventually cracks, peels and falls off. These gaps let in outside air, plus they are ideal entry points for mice and insects. Seal gaps with expanding foam. For water pipes under the sink, unscrew and pull back the escutcheon ring, then caulk around the pipe. The ring is just decorative, you'll be surprised how big a hole there is behind.

25th July 2017

May and June have seen the completion of development planning works for 545 dwellings at Park Royal for Fairview Homes.

This is a great residential scheme where our team has worked across our offices on the BREEAM, Overheat and Sustainability reviews.

20th July 2017

With the rise and fall of our recent heatwave, now is a good time to pick up and review your air conditioning maintenance and inspections. Our inspectors have been busy this month accross the UK visiting the various office of Places for People, checking and verifying the cooling equipment's energy efficiency and TM44 compliance. 

19th July 2017

This is a repeat tip because you need to change your filters more than once a year. How regularly depends on how dirty and dusty your property gets or the type of activity undergoing in your business.

Generally once every 3 months is good. A clean air intake filter means you are recycling cleaner air throughout your system. Your HVAC system will not have to work as hard pulling in air through a clean filter which will make it last longer.

You'll save about 5% on your heating and cooling costs.