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LEC Updates

13th September 2017

Hire an environmental consultant (LEC for example) to get a tailor made view of where to achieve energy savings in your property.

12th September 2017

Low Energy Consultancy BREEAM assessors are working feverishly this month on the evidence collection for One Blackfriars new hotel complex in time for the 2018 project completion. Fit out works of the hotel are underway while the overall St George scheme closes out.

6th September 2017

If there are rooms that you rarely use - ensure that thermostatic valves are installed on the radiators - since these can be set to zero if the room is not in use so the space is not unnecessarily heated.

5th September 2017

This last month sees the final data collection coming together to form the overall carbon footprint result for Briggs & Forrester Group.

Now the fun begins – exploring what and how this can be offset. More to be revealed next month - Watch this space!

If you're not sure about your carbon footprint? Got ISO 14001 or ESOS commitments to fulfil? Speak with our assessor to understand and stop the ostrich syndrome!

30th August 2017

Turn your tap off while brushing your teeth - this is only really going to save on your water bills if you are metered, but is still good practise!

29th August 2017

Congratulations to everyone at Briggs and Forrester, particularly to our Health & Safety Team who recently collected the 2017 RoSPA Occupational Health & Safety Awards at the Awards Ceremony in Birmingham. The Group achieved a Gold Medal for the sixth consecutive year and Engineering Services achieved their 4th President’s Award, following 14 consecutive Gold Awards.

23rd August 2017

Don't position thermostats near main entrances - any cold air entering the property will manipulate the temperature being recorded near the thermostat forcing the boiler to fire up unnecessarily.

22nd August 2017

This last month saw the long awaited arrival of CIBSE Technical Manual 59 (TM59). Not exactly the most sexiest of documents, but those in the field of build simulation or building overheat will be sat bolt upright by now.

17th August 2017

In Bangladesh daily summer temperatures can easily reach a sweltering 30 to 40°C. 70% of Bangladesh’s population live in tin huts in rural areas and during the summer month’s temperatures inside these huts are amplified, making living conditions very uncomfortable. Imagine sitting in a car on a hot summer’s day with the windows closed!

16th August 2017

Install a new energy saving condensing boiler. If you have an old boiler in your house, it might be time to swap it to a new condensing version which will recycle the heat in the waste exhaust gases making it run far more efficiently.