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LEC Updates

15th February 2018

Stay compliant – avoid restrictions – keep your reputation

Have you read about the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards?

There are penalties you risk by ignoring the new Energy Performance Regulations that are due to come into force in April 2018 and buildings with an Energy Performance Rating of F and G will not be lettable.

Which would you prefer? Take your pick or you can have all three!

15th February 2018
Building Services Specialists Briggs & Forrester Group CEO Paul Burton

The Briggs and Forrester Group is anticipating significant growth during 2018 which will see the Groups revenues jump 24% to £225m whilst expanding its specialist operations across the UK.

“The Group has celebrated another successful year with a pre-tax profit of £5.7m (3.1%) on revenues of £182m generating a strong year-end balance sheet position and a cash balance of £32.5m. The Group was fortunate not to suffer significantly from Carillion’s demise and moves forward positively without any material financial impact to the business,” says Group CEO, Paul Burton.

14th February 2018

This week our Energy Saving Tip is ‘Patch the leak'! Save money and keep those annoying draughts at bay by sealing air leaks around doors and windows at home and in the office. Leaky doors and windows can account for high energy heating and cooling costs - 20% or more in a home and 5-10% for a business.

12th February 2018

The deadline for Phase 1 of the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme has passed, but now is the time to think about Phase 2.

Not all organisations were in Phase 1 of ESOS. This is because they did not meet the threshold criteria in either turnover or the number of employees. As ESOS looks at a two-year period of accounting, due to real and anticipated growth, many organisations will fall into Phase 2.

8th February 2018

An energy or sustainability statement is a report document that confirms a development will meet and how it will meet any regional set energy targets or sustainability policies.  The document is used to support planning applications as evidence and to aid a successful approval.  The documents are now more commonly a mandatory requirement rather than an optional requirement.

8th February 2018

Congratulation to E.ON Energy Installations Ltd, Caerphilly Borough Council, Elite Rendering System Ltd, E.ON Energy, SAMS Drylining and Wetherby who won the ‘Regional Large Scale Project’ category for their work on the ‘Caerphilly Phase 2 Lansbury Park’ project, sponsored by LEC, at last night’s ‘2018 Wales Regional Energy Efficiency Awards’ at the Hilton in Cardiff.

Adam Alexander and Nicola Scott were there on the night and Adam presented the award to the winners!

8th February 2018

Llongyfarchiadau i E.ON Energy Installations Ltd, Caerphilly Borough Council, Elite Rendering System Ltd, E.ON Energy, SAMS Drylining a Wetherby am enill y gowbr am ‘Regional Large Scale Project’ a noddir gan LEC, am ei waith ar y ‘Caerphilly Phase 2 Lansbury Park’ prosiect yn y ‘2018 Regional Energy Efficiency Awards’ yn Caerdydd neithiwr! Da iawn hefyd I pawb oedd yn y rownd derfynol!

Roedd Adam Alexander a Nicola Scott o LEC yn bresennol ar y noson, a wnaeth Adan cyflwyno y gwobr a’r tystysgrif i’r enillwyr!

7th February 2018

This week our Energy Saving Tip is to make the switch to LED light bulbs. The average home has around 40 light sockets and by changing the bulbs you use you can make significant savings. LED light bulbs have a 25,000 hour lifespan and they produce less heat. You could save £25 a year per bulb!

5th February 2018

Since the ban on incandescent lightbulbs in 2012, the way we shop for lightbulbs has changed. As low-wattage, energy efficient light bulbs like CFL’s and LED’s have become the norm, the focus has become less on wattage alone.

With energy efficient bulbs, lumens are a more accurate measurement to determine how bright the light will be. The table below shows the comparisons between lumens and watts for different bulb types.

1st February 2018
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